A great quote by Henry Beston goes this way: The best elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind, and the sound of waves crashing on the beach rocks.

We all enjoy a beach escape, don’t we? Beach holidays have always been on the top of a traveller’s itinerary and have gained popularity in recent years. That’s not the end! We still have good news for beach bums.

There are still 15 unexplored beaches worldwide. These underrated beaches are not really hidden. These are ‘those best kept secret gems’ that have gone unnoticed by the tourism fraternity.

With very little crowd and unspoiled sand, these beautiful hidden beaches are sure to provide you enough ecstasy and unforgettable moments.

1- Muriwai Beach

Location: Auckland Region, North Island, New Zealand

Activities: Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, etc.

Best time to go: Between September and March

Located in a tiny coastal village towards west New Zealand, lies a piece of heaven known as Muriwai. With rugged rocks, black sand beaches and stunning views, the Maori Bay is home to large seabirds called gannets.

If you get one or two people on the beach, it is a sign of relief. Even if you don’t, stroll along the walkway that sticks to the coastline and inhale fresh air. If you are enthusiastic about surfing, take lessons at the local surf school, hire a mountain bike, or try your skills at the golf course.

2. Rocktail Bay

Location: South Africa

Activities: Dive into the warm ocean, relax on the beach, kids can explore, spot turtles, rays and sharks

When to Visit: From October – March watch turtles come ashore to lay their eggs

If you are looking for the best place for snorkelling and scuba diving, the pristine Rocktail beach in South Africa is the perfect playground. The Rocktail bay is a staggering part of the South African coast. It is purely a wild territory with endless isolated beaches and the Beach Camp with 17 family-friendly rooms with oceanic views.

It is the setting and the surrounding that draws back people to this beach. The diving is carried out with professionals enclosed in a Reserve and World Heritage Site.

3. Happy Bay Beach

Location: Saint Martin

Activities: Sunbathe au naturel, swimming, snorkeling, relaxing in the sand, etc.

Best time to go: Between mid-December and mid-April

This lesser-known charming paradise lies on the French side of Saint Martin Island. If you love hiking, you can reach this beach in 15 minutes. The beach is worth considering because the serenity is out-of-the-world. Do not be dismayed if you do not find service and facilities. Get some supplies with you and have the whole beach to yourself.

At the Happy Bay Beach, sandy beach, palm trees, tropical setting, and gorgeous views will accompany you. Do not forget to carry your snorkel gear this is one of the best snorkel spots of St. Martin.

4. Ibo Island

Location: Mozambique

Activities: Explore wild rivers, mangrove swamps, bonfire around the tents and enjoy luscious seafood dishes.

Popular as the best sand bank beach and one of the best secret beaches on earth, the magic and mystery of Ibo Island beach will surely take you by surprise. Located on a tiny island in Mozambique, this underrated beach is heavenly. It is a place of great beauty where diving is an art to explore the sunken treasures.

Visitors can refresh their senses at the Ibo island lodge with a massage or with a delicious cocktail at one of the lodge pools. Apart from the beach beauties and activities, you can spice up your thrill by including the sand bank experience and island hopping.

5. Cirali

Location: Antalya Province, Turkey

Activities: Trekking the Lycian Way, visiting the Classical remnants, observing baby turtles (guided activity, if you visit between May and August), enjoying the beach, etc.

Best time to go: Between April and November

Located in a tiny, ruined village in Turkey, the Cirali Beach is cradled between two pine-clad rocky spurs rolling steeply down into the Mediterranean, making the surrounding awe-inspiring. Apart from the beach beauty, you can explore the Olympos ruins and travel back in time to the Classical era.

Well, not only travel bloggers and newlywed couples keep coming here, encounter a colony of turtles who swim ashore during summers to lay their eggs near the warm stones. As you enjoy relaxing on the 2-mile beach stretch, hear nearby seagulls chirping and wailing. Believe it or not, this is also regarded as one of the best undiscovered beaches in the world.

6. Bethany Beach

Location: Sussex, Delaware, USA

Activities: Swimming, boating, fishing, golfing, etc.

When to go: From mid-May to September

What do you do if you find a secret beach in a cycle-friendly US city? It adds to your holiday and beautifies the city all the more. Known as one of the most favourite family beaches, the Bethany beach offers a 7-mile long seafront with endless activities for kids, small golf course, and a bandstand. What else do you need!

Undoubtedly, for many, the lifestyle on this beach is the main charm that takes a special place in the hearts of the people. Its quiet style, fun-filled moments and tranquility has become a favourite for several visitors.

7. Phu Quoc Island

Location: Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam Activities: Diving, kayaking, massage, savouring fresh seafood, etc. Best time to go: Between November and March The Phu Quoc Islands are the largest under-developed islands known for its unsoiled and majestic beaches. A large portion of the island is covered by a dense forest, but on the other hand, there are a few tourist resorts offering a peaceful retreat. You can gain access to the beach on a motorbike, which is the most reliable mode of transportation on the island. Apart from the magical resorts, there’s room for exploration and new discoveries. Dive into the reef world, kayak in the bays, munch up delicacies, linger around and enjoy a massage and seafood delicacies. [Book Cheap Flights to Vietnam]

8. Anse Source d’Argent

Location: La Digue Island, Inner Islands, Seychelles Activities: Cycling, swimming, snorkeling along the reefs, sunbathing, etc. Best time to go: In April or May Anse Source d’Argent is the third largest inhabited island in Seychelles with hidden gems to spellbind visitors. With white powdery sands and gigantic granite boulders, this beach has also been on the list of a few movie directors. Not really underrated, you can capture priceless images of the horizon and soak up the serenity as well with all-inclusive beach holidays. [Book Cheap Flights to East Africa]

9. Panglao Island

Location: Bohol Province, Central Visayas, the Philippines Activities: Watching dolphins, beachcombing, diving, sunbathing, delighting in authentic Filipino-Mediterranean cuisine and more. Best time to visit: Between March and May One of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, the Panglao Island might seem to be the odd one in this list, but it does have a few unexplored beaches such as Momo beach and Doljo beach, popular for seashells and an array of coconut trees. Visitors can choose one of the 12 enchanting cottages to rewind before hitting the waters again. The Panglao island beach is also tagged as one of the absolute best secret beaches on earth. [Book Cheap Flights to Philippines]

10. Ko Lanta

Location: Krabi Province, Thailand Activities: Longtail boating, sea kayaking, diving, snorkeling, trekking and elephant riding in the Ko Lanta National Park, fishing, etc. Best time to go: Between November and April According to Lonely Planet’s rating, Ko Lanta is a tiny exotic beauty situated off the Andaman Coast in Thailand. Reachable within 30 minutes by a speedboat, you can tuck your feet in the white sand and discover the ancient fishing villages. A few visitors have travelled southwards and have found that the isolation grows more and more, and nature unveils itself to the best. [Book Cheap Flights to Thailand ]

11. Nanjizal

Location: West Cornwall Activities: Rock-climbing, enjoy cafe culture and stroll on the rocky beach Two and a half miles between Porthgwarra and Land’s End, lies a piece of heaven just for you. This is one of the finest beaches, deserted and secluded. The shape of the craggy rocks seem like sleeping dragons and the turquoise waters will surely allure you to take a plunge. As you walk towards the end, you will find tiny coves, which is home to a school of turtles. Don’t be startled to find a hidden waterfall, which is perfect to rinse all that salt from the body.

12. Kauapea Secret Beach kauapea-beach

Location: Hawaii The last two words of this beach are enough to make people travel to Hawaii. This 3,200 foot long, shoreline is famous for its size, privacy and scenery. This is really huge! Several times, you’ll feel as if you’re the only soul lingering here. As you get to this beach, take a walk and measure the length and breadth to find a spot that suits you. Beware; unknowingly you might walk down into the no-clothing section of the beach.

13. Rosalie Bay Beach

Location: Dominica Located within the Morne Trois Pitons foothills, the Rosalie Bay Beach is a UNESCO World Heritage wonder and the perfect base to hike to jungle waterfalls, colourful natural pools, bird-spotting, explore volcanic landscapes. At one point near the beach rocks, you can spot freshwater river gushing out into the sea. You can set out with guides to explore several trails, dine on mouth-watering cuisine, dip in the saltwater, learn about turtle behaviour and more. [Book Cheap Flights to Caribbean]

14. Farewell Spit

Location: New Zealand Activities: Bird-watching, seal-spotting, mountain biking, horse trekking and a visit to the historic lighthouse. At 21 miles long, the Farewell Spit is the longest sandbar that can be found at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. The name might not refer to a goodbye, but to a place nearby Cape Farewell where around a 100 whales had beached on the shore and drifted back into the sea with tidal waves. The southern part of farewell Spit is home to over 80 species of seabirds that have classified the beach as a bird and wildlife reserve. Visitors swarming towards this beach can experience solitude, natural sands composed of quartz sandstones and metals.

15. Mancora

Location: Peru Activities: Surfing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and more. If you had one good reason to visit the Mancora beach, you will not miss the chance. The beach scene here is filled with good vibes, opportunities, food, drinks and intimate beach huts. Just brush up your surfing skills before hitting the ocean for some board-surfing and kite-surfing. The summers see the influx of international tourists rubbed with sunscreen lotion and enjoying tanning on the beaches. With year-round sun, this is the most popular resort town in Peru Book Cheap Flights to Peru


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